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Berklee Learning Center Classes: Sibelius 101 [Recorded Live, no edit]

08/09/2013 | Tutorial, video | Permalink

BerkleeLC Sibelius 101

Yesterday I did an intro class of a notation software Sibelius at Berklee College of Music Learning Center. The class was for students who are familiar with music terms and have decent experience with various notation software.

Sibelius is simply the easiest notation program for starters, because its user interface and usability are super logical. So logical that you don’t need to think much really. Like, if you wanna delete something, you simply select and hit delete key . 

Anyways, below is the class outline. I spoke for about 3min intro, comparing MakeMusic Finale, Sibelius, but had audio issue, no audio. Skip to 3:30 area.

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Logic9 + Reason5 Rewire 101

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Rewire 101

This video I made several years back is old! BUT does cover the essential of what rewire is and how it works. Get so many questions about this simple-yet-confusing technology, so here I go.

Any difficulty achieving what’s explained in the video, simply leave a comment.

If you need more in depth tutorial, contact us or book Sohta’s onsite/online lesson from HERE!

Eriko Daimo “Origin”

06/02/2013 | Mixing, Release | Permalink

Origin by Eriko Daimo

Origin by Eriko Daimo

Eriko Daimo first album “Origin”

4/27/13, her first album “Origin” was released world wide.


Back in 2006-ish (yea, long time ago…) I met this wonderful Marimba player Eriko Daimo. She was teaching at the Boston Conservatory then, right next door from where I work/live. She was working on her demo recording and I was so lucky to be a part of the team. Ever since, we continuously talking about the actual record, and finally finally, we got to work together for her first official release of the album.

The recording was done in Copenhagen, Denmark and I mixed 4 tracks from the album.

Enjoyed so much working such a talented human-being, thanks Eriko!

Please check the album out on iTunes and such.

Sing for Japan vol.2 Finally OUT!!

05/11/2013 | Release, Sing for Japan | Permalink


It’s been tough journey but finally, Sing for Japan vol.2 is out on Capumo Records’ Bandcamp site, iTunes, e-Onkyo music and others.


Participated musicians are so talented and I can’t thank them enough for their great effort and songs. Now I hope to spread the word about the project, areas needing attention.


Please stream the EP, buy to support if you can. Don’t worry about money if you can’t. Instead, please google “Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami” and check out the current situation of the cities. Who’s needing support for what for how….

There are still tons of people in temp houses, can’t go back to the city they grew up in. Cities relying on tourists are struggling because many people avoid traveling “just because” what happened there.

I’m not even sure what I can do. For now, this is it, the EP.

My bucket list item #1, visit Tohoku.

List continues…

View From The Q / Sanura OUT NOW!

05/06/2013 | Mastering, Release | Permalink

View From The Q /Sanura

New Release Alart!

This time, it’s not a Capumo Artist but…

We’d like to congratulate on the new release of Studios’ client Sanura‘s new EQ “View From The Q”.

The EP is available on her Bandcamp, free download! (Or you can add a bit to support independent artists.)

Sohta mastered the EP at Capumo Studios.

View From The Q /Sanura

View From The Q /Sanura

Boston Strong.

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Boston is where I call home now. “B” strong.

This has been a long and tough week for us.

Never thought Boston would be a target for anything like this. Most of businesses closed down for days, and especially on Friday, Boston looked like a ghost town while the law enforcement in manhunt. Wasn’t Boston I knew.

Relieved that the both suspects are not at large any more. Let our thoughts and prayers be with those who have suffered from this incident.

When I thought about Sing for Japan Project, I couldn’t stop questioning myself if this is appropriate time to ask for support. After long thoughts, decision was “yes”. There are still people struggling there.

Sing for Japan Project and its vol.2 EP, will be released on 5/11/2013.

Though, as much as I call Japan home, Boston is where I call home now. I want to do something to support those suffered from this violent crime.

At the same time, M7.0 earthquake struck Sichuan China, Haiti still needs support to recover from 2010 earthquake. Texas explosion, philippines flood, etc.

To support those, here I declare the launch of long thought out project “Sing for Peace Project”

Concept is the same as Sing for Japan, gathering songs and raise awareness and fund.

This time, I’ll leave it to the RedCross where the money goes. They are one of the biggest organization, and most aware of who needing the support at the time.

Please send us an email to join this project!